What is Digital marketing ?

Digital marketing refers to the process of promoting physical products, services or brands using digital channels and technologies. It includes leveraging various online platforms, such as search engines, social media-( Facebook, Instagram ,LinkedIn ,WhatsApp, Twitter, etc) , websites, e-mail, mobile apps, and more, to reach and engage with a target audience.

What is target audience ?

Before going further in digital marketing, we must understand about the individual whom you are willing to engage or sell your product or service. Always remember that target audience are main king pin as they are one for which you are rendering any service or product that is your client/ your customer. Target audience is a group of individuals who has interest and has potential to act according to your want. So, you have to identify your client & their demands properly. 

It is very important to know about the customer & consumer so that you can pitch your service & product according to their requirements & fulfillment needs. 

For knowing your target audience more deeply you have to make a segments for your cliental according to some specification based on your requirements such as- 

 Age, Gender Identification, Career, Job Title, Married, Geographical Location, Income level, Education, Habits, Platform usage  Interested area and many more.

With the help of narrowing your audience in target audience you can save lakhs of Rupees along with your time & energy by not targeting all. 

As only focusing on increasing the audience or impressions without knowing their relevance, you will end the month only by increase your work load & tensions.

Even, Customer, Consumer can be same or different depending on your product/ service-

Customer -One who makes the buying decision.

Consumer – is a person who actually consumes/uses the product or services.

For example-  A parents (customer) purchases toys (product) for their children to play (consumer).

parent (Customer) Buying a toy for their child (consumer)